Mega pro features:
    -Available in models 100 - 120 - 160 - 200 - 250 - 300 -
    400 - 500 and 600 KVA
    - IGBT Rectifier with input THDi <3% and PF >0.99
    - Built-in inverter isolation transformer to protect the
    load from network disturbances without affecting
    the overall efficiency that remains within 94%.
    Also protects the load against accidental battery voltage.
    - Parallel configuration up to 8 units with dual Bus
    and Dynamic Dual Bus system
    - Hot Standby Expansion (HSE)
    - Efficiency Control System (ECS)
    - Backfeed protection

    Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):
    Zero impact source solution
    Input power factor ≥ 0.99
    Low input THDi < 3%
    Efficiency 95.4%*
    Efficiency in standby mode 98%*
    Extremely small foot print (250 KVA = 0.85 m2)
    *depending on model

    Operating modes:
    True online double conversion
    Standby mode
    Frequency converter
    SMART active mode

    - Data Centers
    - IT networks
    - Telecommunications
    - Medical applications and hospitals
    - E-Business
    - Industrial processes



    Download Leaflet

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